Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Emma's New Haircut

It was time. She wanted long, flowing princess hair, but was blessed with wispy angel hair instead. It only took a little incentive. "Emma, either you have to have your hair in pigtails/ pony tails every day, or you have to cut your hair." She's free at heart and couldn't stand the thought of elastics in her hair everyday. Worked like a charm.

Madeline in Blue

This little girl is just the light in my life. What else can I say? She was sent here for me specifically and I know it. I am so lucky.

Our Friday Night Campout

We try and have fun on our Fridays and last Friday the kids requested a movie, popcorn, and sleeping bags. I did my motherly duty by forgoing my comfy bed and actually joined them. So I don't know how to wrestle at all. Shan made it look so easy. I get on the floor, but just don't know quite what to do. I figure the least I can do is sleep with them.

Madeline was absolutely ecstatic to sleep with Ryan and Emma. And in her very own sleeping bag. She was thrilled. She snuggled right down and went to sleep when it was time.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ryan's First Day of First Grade

Ryan's big day. He is thrilled with his Spiderman lunchbox and new shoes. He kept rubbing his hair down so it would lie perfectly in a row. We walked together to his class and he said, "Mom, I'm scared and nervous and excited all at the same time."

On the way to school.

An Evening in August

Emma at Mac Park in Smithfield

Madeline's new favorite thing is going down slides. This one was pretty big, and I was nervous but she wouldn't let me touch her. She wants to do this (and everything) by herself.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bear Lake

The lake was so low that the little ones could just play the day away in the water. Maddie picked up shells one at a time and put them in a cup.

Cousins Jade and Abigail

Jennifer and baby Jade

Lazy days in August

Maddie on her favorite slide. She can do it a thousand times a day.

We made a fun fort under a great tree in the corner of the backyard. We built a little table and a shelf and hauled in some logs for seats.

Emma never stops surprising me. She paired a red dress with a pink stretchy skirt over the top. Then added the beads, head dress, and shoes. Topped it off with a squirt gun.

Emma the queen.

Jade and Madeline on the hammock with aunt Jennifer.

Ryan's pigtails

Ryan's hair got kinda long and I knew it was time for a haircut. But I just had to try one thing first.... what can I say- daddy's away.

Enchanted Forest Fun Park

Maddie playing on the stairs while we waited for the big kids to get off the log ride.

Tuckered out after a long day.

Ryan was terrified to actually go in her mouth. I could only take this picture after multiple bribes and he finally inched towards it. You can see he's still not quite sure if she will close her mouth on him or not.

The slide coming out of the shoe was a hit.

A Day at the Fountain

We spent the day at a fun fountain in Corvallis.

Ezra's perfect body.

Henry as Paddington. (Maddie calls him hurry.)

Ryan taking a sun break.

Gramma Alice with five of her eight great grandkids.

Camping With Cousins

Jason was the hero as he accompanied all three of us sisters and our children on our camping adventure. He set up and took down tents in record time.

Girl cousins wading in the stream. Emelyse, Emma, Abigail, and Madeline.

Our hike took us to a fabulous waterfall.

On the gondola to Telluride.

Fourth of July

We were camping with Amanda's family and Jennifer's family and ended up at a smashing concert/fireworks celebration in Blanding, Utah. I'll take a small town celebration over the Stadium of Fire any day.

Ryan's first and last tattoo. He walked around for a solid week with his sleeve rolled up.

Emma and her cousins danced the night away.

Farm Fun

We were able to spend a day out at our friend's farm. The kids got to ride the tractor and it was HUGE!

Emma's dream- a gigantic baby bottle. She was so amazed and excited.

Twin calves- one boy and one girl. Let's just say Chels would have died at the slobber.

The excitement turned into hesitance as the calves kept butting their noses against the bottles to get more milk. They shoved us around a bit.