Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ryan is playing soccer!

So I'm learning that the focus needs to be on hard work and not on the outcome. Ryan is obsessed with winning and losing right now. So we're working on it by playing board games, backyard games, and now he's playing soccer. So far, so good. He's got great coaches who are really interested in teaching the kids the game and offering age-appropriate drills and games instead of using the win/lose mentality. He also gets a ton of exercise and I'm amazed at how those kids can keep running and running. He's always tired but really happy afterward and I know that's a good thing.

The whole group.

They get a gumball at the end of practice for job well done.

Miss Madeline checking it out.


The kids love a story, and it's a good thing my mom likes to read. Maddie carries a book with her all day and even sleeps with one. Her favorites include Goodnight Moon, My Puppy (Eloise Wilkins), Drummer Hoff, and a National Geographic one about wild ponies.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Project Bandaloop

We were able to see a dance concert up at Utah State performed by Project Bandaloop. They dance on buildings, towers, and other structures like the Space Needle. They were graceful and gorgeous. The kids were in awe.

At the end, they were nice enough to answer questions from the kids and offer to take pictures with them. Only Madeline didn't want anyone dressed in black who hangs from buildings holding her.

Off to Preschool

Madeline actually cried when we left Emma at her preschool. And then, she kept asking me for the next two hours where Emma was. Emma is her little mommy/tormentor/best friend.

All set to go

At pickup time, they all come out holding a string and can't let go until the pickup puppet kisses their hand and tells them it's their turn to go.

After the rain

Yet another adventure in motherhood: skeptic (me) meets complete hope-filled and childlike optimism (my darling kids). We had a great rain here, and when it was winding down, Emma announced there would be a rainbow. Not wanting to disappoint her, I told her we don't always get rainbows when it rains. Completely undaunted, she ran outside and Wallah! A beautiful rainbow right in front of the house!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Little Ballerina

Emma has been asking me for over a year if she could take a ballet class. I found a darling little class for 3 and 4 year-olds where they teach tap, tumbling, and ballet and it is once a week for 45 minutes. To say Emma is thrilled is an understatement. You should have seen all seven little girls lined up clicking their toes in tap shoes. It was so precious. I forgot my camera at the dance studio, so we had a little photo shoot when we got home.

Backyard Camping

Our evening included a smashing game of 'Go Fish,' chocolate chip cookies, (as evidenced by Madeline's face) and everyone making a wish on their favorite star. Of course, mine was to have our daddy back safe and soon.

Well the kids love to camp, but it's a lot of work. So we figured a backyard campout would work for all of us. It made setup and cleanup a breeze. Also, the whole top of the tent is net so we had a great view of the stars. There's nothing like a Cache Valley sky at night.

Always wielding a weapon...

OK, so Madeline has a new obsession with sleeping bags. She was so happy to be in it, that she literally would not get out. We cajoled and bribed her to come out to take a picture with us (see above) and she absolutely would not have it. So cute.