Sunday, April 27, 2008

A New Belt For Ryan

Ryan has been taking Karate this year, and we have really enjoyed it. We have been practicing his moves for his yellow belt test for months. The big day was Saturday. What do you know, but Ryan came down with a fever of 104 degrees on Thursday. He was sick all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and he wasn't eating or drinking anything. I pretty much forced him to drink some water on Saturday morning and I doped him up on Ibuprofen, because he still wanted to test and I thought he was going to keel over. For his test, he had to show his Sensai that he knew certain moves and the history and protocol of Karate. Then, after the test, they were all required to spar with another student. Taking instruction

Ryan before his test

Testing for his yellow belt

He was so happy to put it on!

I took some video of his sparring match, but it was too long and I wasn't able to upload it. So let me just tell ya how this mommy feels watching her 6 year old sweetheart fighting an older Karate student... a blue belt, nonetheless. I was a total wreck. Ryan's Sensei said he tries to match up all the kids by size and belt color, but it's not always possible. So Ryan fought a blue belt (some kid that won four more rounds) and I was so nervous. Ryan did SO well though. Not only did he have a temperature of 104, but he had to fight a blue belt, and he scored two points on the kid! Ryan really held his own, but the blue belt won the match 3-2. At one point, Ryan got knocked on his rear, but he jumped right up and went at it again. I was freaking out but I knew Shan would have been so proud. Phew. I was so happy when it was over and we went out to eat to celebrate. Way to go Ryan.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

10 Years and Counting...

This lovey post is for my husband of 10 years (today is our anniversary). It’s a little sappy for the general public, but this blog is one of my only ways of surprising him this year, so bare with me here.
We were married 10 years ago and I can hardly believe it’s been ten years! Some days it feels like we were just married. But then I look at my kids growing up or glance in the mirror and I’m shocked to see some middle-aged lady with wrinkles staring back at me. I mean, we’re in our thirties! In those moments, I can hardly believe it’s only been ten years. It feels like we’ve known each other forever.

April 25, 1998- the date we “sealed the deal.” It was an end to the single life and a beginning of wonderful days yet to come. We have certainly had our share of disappointments and struggles. But for the most part, we’ve lived a wonderful, adventurous, joyful life. As our children joined our family one by one, they each expanded our joy and contributed to strengthening our marriage. I think that the hard times have made our wonderful times even more meaningful. This year apart has been pivotal in redefining our relationship and our goals for our marriage and family. It has really put things into perspective. We make a great team… Shan has taught me to laugh and love more and worry less. I have taught him to clean up after himself. ☺
On our wedding day, I remember thinking I couldn’t ever love anyone more. But as the years have passed and I look back on our relationship, I can see that our love was just beginning. Now I know that true love is the kind that comes with experience, commitment, sacrifice, and time. You, Shan Grimmius, are the one person in the world who I love most.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Tribute to Combat Arms Soldiers

My husband has many wonderful qualities. I bet you will all be surprised to know that he has a way with words and is quite a poet when he wants to be. He has written me poetry on occasion and I treasure every one. Yesterday, he emailed me this great poem, and dedicated it to all the combat arms soldiers.

Over the ocean and far, far away,

lies a place filled with sorrow and murderous craze

Encircled by evil in mayhem’s dark night,

are a group of young men filled with courage and might

They seek not for power or fortune or fame,

but honor and hope and freedom from chains

With courage of lions they ride out in the storm,

to bring justice to madmen who’s souls have been torn

In battle heroes fall and a lone bugle sounds,

the places they gave all are now hallowed grounds

While some men pity them and say ‘what a shame’

the warriors will know their brothers died not in vain

Where ‘ere they are needed to quash evil’s foul blight,

these young men of valor will rise up and fight!

Happy Birthday Dear Chelsea

It's in the mail! Chels, I tried it with the ric rac and it didn't look quite right. I hate to spoil such a good thing with a slightly-off color. (I sent the ric rac so go ahead and add it if you still want it.)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

If this doesn't inspire you to cook, nothing will.

Introducing my first version of the Emmeline Apron. It is completely reversible and you can tie the straps in back or in front. It makes me happy in my kitchen.

The apron is modeled on my sister-in-law's fabulous bod.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Portland Zoo

We thoroughly enjoyed our Spring Break. We went to Oregon and had a wonderful time with family. It was so great to see how much the little ones are growing! We love you Doug, Peg, Alex, Jakob, Bryce, Jade, David, Ezra, Chelsea, Mike, (we missed you) and Henry. We can't wait to see you all again!

Our Spring Break

Guess who pulled out his tooth on the 12-hour drive to Oregon?

One afternoon, we took a nature walk with Mimi and Papa.

I made a new friend and his name is Henry.

The Best April Fool's Joke Ever

So I pulled back my covers on the night of April Fools Day to find these cute little frogs in a pile. Aren't kids are so adorable? The next morning, Emma was thrilled when I told her how much I jumped.