Sunday, March 7, 2010


Emma was invited to a Rockstar birthday party, which prompted a quick trip to "Savers: the department thrift store," where we found a metal chain belt, purple sunglasses, and an awesome tiered skirt. Emma was in heaven. Then the other two followed suit.
Yeah. Our kids have moves.

New Year's at Mimi and Papa's

We got to meet our sweet new nephew, Crew. Isn't he gorgeous? He has the temperament of a lamb, and I am in love. Every year, Peg's sand dollar tree is the most beautiful thing ever.
The girls loved "helping" make cookies with Mimi in the kitchen.
We visited the Aquarium in Newport and the kids really enjoyed being able to see and touch so many different things. We got quite a show from the seals, and the CEO happened upon our little family and invited us behind the scenes to see their huge water tanks and training areas so we felt like we were VIPs. Ha.
This giant crab was sort of freaky.

The Shark Tunnel!
It really was so neat to sit there and watch the sharks go by. I love Henry's face.

Oregon Coast Pics From Before My Blogging Strike

We lucked out and got an absolutely beautiful day on the beach. The water is still freezing, but we had fun drawing in the sand and looking in the tide pools. Plus, it's just so beautiful!

Chels and Mike wrapped up Oliver and lugged him down to the beach too... which is a pretty significant feat considering there are like 100 stairs to descend.

Madeline hated her pants to get wet, and she was not confident that they would stay rolled up on their own, so she walked around hunched over and holding her pants the entire time! Poor thing, I just wish she could have relaxed.

I Surrender

I give up. I'm officially the worst blogger on the planet. I decided to take most of the month of January and the entire month of February off. Because in Utah, it's all I can do to just survive the winter.

Sometimes blogging just bugs. At times, I feel like it's How Awesome My Life Is Compared to Yours. And that is not me at all. I get so tired of reading people's "perfect" blogs and for two seconds you start to believe that their life is much more refined and enjoyable than yours. But at the end of the day, everyone has to take out the trash. Let's get real, folks.

I care more about living our life than I do about presenting that life to others. And I hope if my blog ever gets to feeling phony, someone will call me on it. Here's my pledge to blog with honesty... strengthen friendships and family ties without depleting the self esteem of others. It's so much more fun to see real life than it is a perfectly planned out and positioned pictorial post. How's that for alliteration?

Now that I got that off my chest, I think I can blog again.