Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving

We had a lovely Thanksgiving here in our home. We were happy to have my dad and Eric and Jessica and their sweet children join us for a fantastic meal.

Delicious, fattening, mashed (with butter and whipped cream) sweet potatoes with pecan and brown sugar topping.

Placecards thanks to Martha.


The children made some turkeys with thankful feathers for the kids' table decoration. Here are their thankfuls: Madeline- brother, sister, friends, toys, mom, dad, and country (meaning USA- not the music!). Emma- food, family, God, house, mom and dad, world, body, friends; and Ryan- parents, Star Wars, God, friends, games, food, Jesus, Earth. I think they pretty much get what life is all about:)
You slave for 6 hours to bring the meal to fruition, and all they want are the rolls.



My dad

Eric and sweet Preston

The only picture I got of Jessica was just as she was leaving because we were working in the kitchen the whole time!

Precious baby Dylan. 8 lbs. and counting!
My thankful list is way too long to narrate. But the main thing I'm thankful for this year are the relationships I have with loved ones and friends. Afterall, what is life without people to share it with? I am learning that it is much more important to be loving than it is to be right.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Muppet Show

October was filled with parties, and my kids pretty much wore a different costume to each thing, since, let's face it- Halloween is just like any day around here since they absolutely LOVE to dress up. I'm serious, I don't know what they would do without our costume bin.
Pre-Halloween necklaces that my mom sent for a little craft.

Halloween Day 1- Preschool party for Madeline. She was so excited about this costume that she had it all set out on the floor the night before. Including the red and white checked ribbons for her hair. When we walked into preschool, my friend, Angela, said "Madeline you look so pretty! You are Dorothy! And where is she from?" (Expecting her to say Wizard of Oz) So Madeline, puts her hands out like she's going to do a curtsy and says, "Kansas." Hahahahahahaha. I about died laughing. I have NO idea how she knows that. Kids are hilarious.

This is Day 2- Elementary school parades and parties. When the really cool thing about having a Darth Vader costume is your mask and your light saber, it's a bummer when the school says not to wear masks or weapons. Poor Ryan was a little deflated, but he complied.

On Day 2, Madeline decided to be a fairy girl since Emma was Madame Butterfly and she wanted a face painted like Emma's.

And finally, Day 3 which was really Halloween. Madeline finally donned the beloved chicken costume, made lovingly from two plastic gloves, three feather boas, and a pilot's cap. This is perhaps the cutest thing I have seen. Ever.

Our pumpkin carving this year had to include BYU and Emma came up with this bright idea.

The Muppet Family. Emma and Ryan think the two old guys on the Muppet Show are hilarious, so they inspired all of us to join in on the fun. Miss Piggy is one of the most fun costumes I have ever put together. Who doesn't want to spend the evening in red velvet and white gloves with pearls and feathers and fake eye lashes? I could have lived without the suffocating pig nose, but still, it was pretty darn hilarious. And Kermit liked it, so that's all that matters. (Madeline isn't quite the floppy chicken, but at least she's the chicken. Somehow, I just didn't think Gonzo would have been as cute.)

Emma couldn't keep her hands off of Madeline- she thought she was so adorable.

We had a Halloween party and were so happy to have so much family around to invite!

Apparently, the toddlers all got the chicken memo. Eli, Maddie, and Liam (Cadie's son).

I was trying to come up with a nutritious addition to the festive spread when I saw this cute idea- apple wedges with toasted slivered almonds.

Bronson, Tana, and Cadie (Shan's cousins)

Jade and David totally cracked me up.

Skeleton bone breadsticks (but everyone thought they were dog bones...hmph.)

Donut maker extraordinaire (mom!) and Miss bumblebee Jade. Can you believe how cute that beehive is?

This was so great too- Eric and Jessica decided to be the Publisher's Clearing House people- balloons and a giant check too. So creative!