Friday, October 29, 2010

California Trip

In August, Shan had a 2-week Contracting Course in Los Angelos and we decided to tag along since a free vacation is always nice.Our pool was in the shade of the hotel almost all day and it was windy up there too (it was on the fourth floor). But my kids were undaunted and they swam like chattering fish as long as I would let them. Shan joined us on his lunch a few times and the kids mauled him like crazy.
We mostly spent every day on the beach. It was great to be there for so long because we were able to see lots of different beaches. And it never got old. You really can't go wrong with the beach. It is my happy place. Especially because now I don't have a crawling baby eating sand and my kids know to stay close and follow safety rules. And I loved being able to throw them in the bath at the hotel and someone else cleaned out the sand and gave us fresh, non-sandy towels. Oh, the luxury. We listened to Sheryl Crow on the way, so when we actually drove on Santa Monica Boulevard the kids thought it was hilarious. The Santa Monica Pier Carousel was a hit. As was the entire Pier. We saw lots of crazy people there and cool artists and performers. Our favorite attraction was the Trapeze school that was practicing out in the open- we were all mesmerized.

Emma couldn't get enough of the tiny sand crabs.

And Ryan looked like this most of the trip. He finished Harry Potter 5 and 6 while we were there.

When Emma wasn't playing with sand crabs, she was collecting shells. Oh, the buckets of shells. And seaweed and driftwood and garbage too. Nothing like a bag of treasures after a beach day.

We thought it was easiest to bury the kids so they couldn't move and we could take a nap.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Family Reunion in Logan

We had three days of total fun with my family in Logan this summer. We had a dance-off, played card games, party games, and kickball, made hoola-hoops, went canoeing on the Bear River, took family pictures, made tie-dye shirts, spent a day at lovely Bear Lake, held a talent show, made ice cream towers, ate lots of watermelon and had a great time. I've always thought my family rocks.All the cousins in their darling tie-dye shirts. What a great group of kids!Sweet little Dylan wins the Cutest Thing Ever award.

Squaw Peak

When the fam was all in town for our family reunion, we took everyone up to Squaw Peak, which is a really spectacular view of Utah County. We were amazed to have a great view of our house from up there!
Ryan and Marisa.
Jen and Jake or Hen and Hake.

Caleb, Ethan, Ryan, and Jeremiah.

Amanda and baby James.

Three sistas.

Summer Swimming Lessons

Because I am determined to blog our summer pictures before Halloween.... Ryan has an amazing ability to float which has helped him become a really great long distance swimmer.

Ms. Emma is not much of a floater, but she is so feisty (the girl doesn't give up) that she is learning to swim quite well. Not to mention she has the best cannonballs.

And this year we found out that we have a little mermaid in Madeline. Her teachers were amazed at how well she was swimming under water. She is full of underwater tricks and shows and the best thing I have ever seen is when I watched her under water swimming towards me with a big grin and big eyes (goggles). So cute.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Farewell Fuji

Apples to which I've been beholden:
I'll miss your shades of red and golden.
Sweet memories I'll surely hold
Of Rome, Braeburn, and Jonagold;
I'll never forget you Granny tart,
But Honey Crisp just stole my heart.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Evidence of Home School

No blog posts.

Dirty bathrooms.

Late night grocery shopping.

Posters everywhere.

Absence of dinner guests.

Tired mommy.

Library trips.

Simple meals.

Sunday Visiting Teaching.

Lots of reading.

Happy Ryan.