Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shan is the Man

Shan has been training for an olympic triathalon for a few months now and Saturday was the big day. (It was also our 11th year anniversary, so I wonder if he did this to prove to himself that he still has "it," even after 11 years of marriage?) As for me, I haven't had "it" for a long time, but I will take credit for supporting his workout schedule, driving down to S.C. with the fam and getting stuck in a construction standstill on the freeway, waking three kids up in the wee hours of the morning, and keeping them mostly happy during a long day of very hot weather, including multiple trips to the port-a-potty with all of them (Madeline freaked out at that. She pretty much acted out how I feel when I have to use one of those things.), and all the while trying to keep them off the bike/run path, and be Shan's personal photographer! Phew. It makes me tired just to type it.
Back to Shan... Not only did he finish the race, he met his goal! I was totally amazed at all of the athletes. That is one tough course: 1 mile swim, 24 mile bike ride, and a 6 mile run.
The transition area
Shan had his own little cheering section. This is before the race started.


Transition to bike.

Finishing the bike.

Starting the run.
Finish line and still smiling.

This is what we did while we waited in the hot South Carolina sun.

After the race was over, we all went for a swim in the lake to cool off.

I love this picture of Emma. She is so athletic. Maybe someday she will be a triathlete too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Pine Haven is officially under contract. Emma and I cried. We will always love this home no matter where life takes us. It was the perfect fit for us and we loved it every day. If you have never visited the Pinehurst area, you have two months to visit us and see it for yourself! Shan will gladly take you golfing and I will gladly cook for you.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

The azaleas are out in full bloom right now, which makes this time of year such a plus! LOVE it. So sad to leave it. At least I get to take these cuties with me.

Easter Celebrations

On Saturday, we had an easter egg hunt at the church.

The Easter baskets were already packed up so I decided to craft some with the kids. We used sand buckets and sticky foam to make spring pictures.

Easter Bunny droppings. He left them all over the house!

Birds' Nest cupcakes

All Together

We were able to take a quick family picture while Bryce was here. (Nevermind that we were late for church, I was setting the picture up, pushing the timer, and running into place. Yes, I was sweaty.)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Joke's on Me

Tricking mom on April Fools Day has become a tradition at our house. It was frogs in the sheets last year, and now this lovely assortment of creepy things.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cheatham Annex

For our little Williamsburg trip, we were able to stay in a Navy cabin right on the James river and it was beautiful. There were blue herons and eagles and geese that hissed at me and made me run a lot faster on my run. The kids were able to fish in the morning and that was fun. Isn't it pretty?

Busch Gardens

Three cheers for Busch Gardens and their awesome program for military families which allowed us a free day at their amusement park! Totally cool. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. (The kids on all the rides and me pushing the stroller around holding coats and lunchboxes.) But being able to watch how much fun the kids had made it worth my while. I'm sure Busch Gardens was the highlight of the trip for Bryce.

Bryce, Shan, Emma after they got of the big splash ride. They didn't get too wet and said it was gentle, so I tried it next.... yeah, um, let's just say you don't get to see the picture of me afterwards because I sat behind a HUGE person and the water totally drenched us... I had mascara running and hair sticking to my head. Thanks for the tip, guys.
This is what I like to call "teacup torture." Check out Madeline's face! Hahahahahaha.

The swings are more like it, mom.
This terrifying little number is called "The Griffin" and it made me sick just to watch it. It was extremely tall and took them twisty and upside down and did all sorts of things I can hardly imagine. Shan and Bryce are on the top right.
Bryce looks thrilled he did it and sort of surprised he survived.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Historic Williamsburg

(This is one of my longest posts ever... if this bores you, just skip on... I had a little too much fun with the camera. Some of the pictures are out of order, but this post just took me too long!)

I was completely surprised the kids absolutely loved Williamsburg, Virginia... and we even went on a cold and windy day. We had no complaining and lots of happy kids as they learned about the way things used to be in the place where our country's independence from Great Britain began. Williamsburg was very inspiring for me and super interesting for the kids. The village is still run by tradespeople who really do sew by hand, print newspaper, make wigs etc. Great costumes and live performances. We highly recommend it!

Spoon at the silversmith's
Ready to print the newspaper- each tiny letter is a separate stamp and was handplaced.
Inking up the stamps.
Play outside the magazine
The millinery... every stitch by hand!
The wig shop.
The blacksmith is making a wheel hub for one of the carriages.
This guy shot his gun for the boys and that was the highlight for Ryan.

Ryan was so full of questions and totally into it.
cool knotty tree

Ryan and Bryce in the magazine.
I found my perfect table in one of the rooms off the courthouse... too bad it wasn't for sale. Hmmm, maybe Doug can recreate this for me?

I made it into a picture!

Fifes and drums
We got to feed the horses carrots and apples.

Courthouse table