Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Miss Emma's teeth have been wiggly for months, and then suddenly the front four all came out within a few weeks of each other. Have you ever seen a prettier toothless grin?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mr. Knight and Little Red Riding Hood

The kids had a Fairytale Frolic at their school. They read lots of fairy tales over a few weeks and then the kids dressed up as their favorie character for school. Ryan's costume came from some pieces we already had and then I wrapped his helmet and shin guards with tin foil. It was a hit. Ms. Emma's costume was a little more difficult, but not much. My friend Mary had a pattern for a cape that calls for felt and didn't need any hemming. It took about 45 minutes from start to finish and Emma looked darling! Now that's my type of a project.

Fishing at Legacy Links

We have less than a month left here, so we are using every second to squeeze in all the things we've been meaning to do. Shan has really been enjoying his time, as he is now working for a local golf course in the mornings and pretty much golfing all afternoon. One of the fringe benefits of golf course employment is to be able to fish in the course lakes, which are brimming with fish. So here are a few pictures of the crew enjoying the catch.

Shan actually caught this huge fish with another little fish he caught. As he was reeling the little fish in, he saw the bigger fish following it, so he threw the little fish back out there and sure enough, the big fish swallowed the little fish and hooked himself. How do you like that fish tale?

Father and Son Outing

It's a good thing they don't invite me on these trips, because I have something to say about Ryan running around like a Wild Thing, eating chips out of the bag. But once again, they had a great time (probably because I wasn't invited). There was a river pool with a rope swing and swimming and Ryan eventually got in, despite the fact that the water was freezing.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Uncle Kirk's Visit

It was our privilege to have Shan's uncle Kirk out to our house for a few days to golf and spend time with our family. We packed a lot into his time here. In fact he had to be torn away from a round at the National Golf Club to make his flight back home.
We love you Kirk!

Reading with the girls

Eating some Salmon for Marisa's birthday dinner.

Kirk and Shan at National Golf Club

Bass Fishing

Friday, May 1, 2009


In 10 years, when Ryan wants to know why I blogged so many pictures of Emma and Madeline, and not very many of him when he was 7 1/2, all I'm going to do is show him these two pictures:

This is the face he insists upon every time there is a camera in the vicinity.
Woah. I have more, but I will spare you.