Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope that all of you did too. Shan got to eat a turkey dinner and three pieces of pie. In his Thanksgiving email, he remarked about how much he has to be grateful for and I had to admire his optimism. He is full of stories about the wonderful soldiers he works with and their good qualities. This year, more than ever, I was grateful for our freedom. Our freedom has an enormous price tag attached, but I feel SO blessed to have the freedoms of democracy, religion, and personal choice in so many other things. Our country is truly wonderful and so are those great Americans we call soldiers.

We missed Shan here so much, but are really looking forward to a wonderful Christmas with him here. Needless to say, we absolutely can't wait to see him.

Shan on Thanksgiving
(he said they found the only two trees in sight to take the picture.)

Emma and Abigail (Jen's little girl)

Jen's gorgeous family

Miss Maddie after waking up from her nap (as evidenced by the drooping piggy tail bun.)

The Spread

The adorable Jessica (Eric's wife) and her gorgeous belly.

Baby Jade



The Reason I haven't Posted For So Long...

Excuses, excuses. I know, I'm pathetic. But this time, just let me off the hook. I've been just a tad busy. My sisters and I decided to do a craft fair this year and sell some of our baby and children's items. It all started last spring when I went into the most adorable baby boutique in Southern Pines, and realized that while the merchandise was gorgeous, it was WAY over priced, and hey, I could make something just as tasteful for a much better price. So off we went on our little endeavor.

We had a blast! Jen made BabyWear Slings, BabyStay portable fabric highchairs, Little Helper children's aprons, and some adorable nursery doorknob hangers. My sister Amanda made 'ColorMe' coloring book bags (one of our best sellers), and some 12 Days of Christmas Nativity Scenes. My sister-in-law Jessica made 'Stick 'em Up!' magnet boards and 'Head Halos' (baby hair bows.) And I made some 'Change It!' baby changing systems (a stylish case for diapers, wipes, and cream that comes with a changing pad), Snuggle Me car seat blankets with matching hats, Curtain Call Puppet Show Theatres, stamped note cubes with matching pens, and tons of cards.

By the time the fair rolled around, Jennifer and I were sure that we had spent way too much money on our materials and probably wouldn't ever make our money back. It ended up with great success and not only did we make back what we spent on supplies, but now we each have a nice little Christmas fund, plus all the leftovers for great Christmas gifts. Maybe I'll take December off!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tricks and Treats

We were pretty frightened when the ghosts started coming to hang out at our house.

We tried to scare them away by making a graveyard in a big pot.

This is our Haunted House.

Nana spooked us all. Her middle school students thought she was awesome.

Storm Trooper Ryan with the pumpkin he designed.

All set to go Trick or Treating.