Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

The best laid plans... I found the perfect card for us and ordered our Christmas cards early this year. They were promised to be delivered to us by Dec. 16th... but the 16th passed, the 17th, the 18th, etc. Finally, the cards arrived on the 22nd! Needless to say, we mailed our cards late this year, so if you haven't gotten one yet, hold tight. It's on it's way! The good news is that
because of the mishap, I get my money back. I think they owe me money.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Roller Skating FHE

So, at our house, roller skating is one of those things that sounds so fun, but rarely is because we haven't gone enough and we are all falling all over the place.

Well this skating rink rocks because they let me push Madeline around in a jogging stroller when she got tired and the kids got to ride their scooters around when they were ready to get their skates off.

It was so super fun! And the kids are learning a lot. I think if we go a few more times, they will be able to go around pretty fast on their skates.


As usual, we took a name off of an Angel Tree and were planning what presents we should buy for our little boy, when Ryan suddenly went to his room and came back with his savings and dumped it on the counter, announcing that he wanted to contribute all of it. I was totally impressed, as I, don't ever even come close to giving all that I have for another. Of course, this prompted the girls and they ran and got their money too. I can really learn a lot from my kids.

Crazy Hair Day at Edgemont

The kids always love crazy hair day, and I wonder how long it will be until they are too cool to participate. This year, Miss Emma got to have a pajama party in her class that day, so it was doubly fun.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Emma won a free bowling pass for her Reflections Contest entry, which is fantastic. (When we get it back, I will post it.) So, we decided to take the fam bowling and we had a great time.

keeping score... something we are so good at in our house:)

Miss Nutball.

A Fancy Nancy Party

We have been enjoying the Fancy Nancy books this year, and Emma is learning French (Fancy Nany's favorite "fancy" language), so we decided to throw a fancy party for Emma's 7th birthday!
The girls came dressed up and they were super fancy!

Harper Collins has all sorts of printables to make a perfect Fancy Nancy party, which is so convenient for us and smart of them! We used these nametags, plus a "Fancy Lesson" sheet.

We did lots of "fancy" things, like monogramming the pages of our notebooks....

and making sparkly "plume" pens....

and making fancy felt purses...

and making fancy chairs...

and taking a "fancy" lesson. We learned to spray perfume on handkerchiefs, and use French words, and eat parfaits, and paint our fingernails.

Emma was Miss Fancy herself.

We had a fancy tea party and everyone drank with their pinkies up. And Emma got fancy candles to blow out... not so fancily.

Happy birthday Miss Emma! You are such a sparkly, energetic, kind, and darling girl. We love you.

Madeline's Birthday Party

Madeline requested yet another mermaid party, so I turned it into an ocean party and we made jellyfish out of blue paper plates, streamers, ric rac, and googlie eyes. I thought they turned out really cute!

We played pin the flower on Ariel and she got covered!

Then, we had a little tea party lunch for Madeline's pre school friends.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bad Timing

As this cover story was obviously already set to print, I bet there were some choice words in the White House this week. We had to chuckle (for the first time since hearing about yet another public figure to let us down) when it arrived in our mailbox.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look Who Turned 4!

Miss Madeline is now 4 years old, much to her pure joy and my dismay. The things we love about this 4 year old include the following:

* The way she loves to snuggle.
* Her kisses. We have nicknamed her "sugar lips" since she gives the best kisses in the world.
* She plays the piano constantly. Especially if anyone is having a conversation that doesn't involve her.
* How she still calls me "mama."
* Madeline loves everything small. "It's just my size!" she says.
* She is very particular about her wardrobe. Right now, she is displaying lots of dresses and skirts with tights; headbands and flowers (or both!); sparkly shoes; pink and purple; and occasionally mom's lip gloss.
* She loves her hair in braids because she gets princess hair (curly hair) the next day.
* Her favorite response when asked to do something is "sure!" and pronounces it like "shore!"
* She is still obsessed with Ariel (going on year 2...)
* She always has a plumbers crack. We think her bum crack is actually higher than most, because it just sticks out of her pants. It's hilarious. And the cutest little plumbers crack I've ever seen.
* She is very sensitive to heat- likes the bath water just barely warm, and won't even try a bite of something if it is remotely warm.
* Her hair grows straight forward in front, and her little whispy hairs are always in her face because of it.
* Her "bunny teeth."
* How she says, "I know something." And then proceeds to tell you her current bit of wisdom.
* She loves to have her hair blow-dried and her fingernails painted.
* She loves babies and baby dolls but is totally freaked out to be a mom. When we talk about it, she gets upset and says she wants to live with me forever. She doesn't want a baby in her tummy- she says she is scared of it. (Yeah, Madeline. You're totally onto something.)
* Her favorite color is purple.
* Her favorite thing to do is color with her sister Emma.
* Her favorite food is "sugar pancakes" (crepes).
* She still sucks her first finger when she sleeps and loves her "blankie."
* She is starting to assert herself, which is a mild relief that usually makes me giggle. (She has been so easy, I was starting to think there was something wrong with her.)

We are so happy to have you in our life, Madeline. You are an absolute JOY.