Saturday, April 9, 2011

Emma's 8 Was Great!

Emma took her friends skating to celebrate her birthday.  She loves to roller blade and looks like the Energizer bunny going round and round.

The roller skate cake complete with chocolate dipped Oreo wheels.
(New pierced ears taken on my phone!)  Emma got her ears pierced on her birthday right after school.  This is something she has been looking forward to for years.  I think it stung more than she expected, but she was very brave.  Afterwards, we got ice cream and she said, "Mom, it was totally worth it!"

And the highlight of this birthday was that Emma was baptized a few days later.  In the weeks leading up to her baptism, we talked a lot about baptism and what it means.  I told her all about my own baptism and the feelings I had and the things I remember.  Emma was so excited going into the church.  She was happy to proclaim her discipleship to Christ by taking upon His name.  She asked to say her own prayer in the dressing room right before the ordinance and vocalized her covenants out loud.  It is a wonderful thing to watch her developing her faith and personal relationship with the Savior.

We had so many family members there and the program was just perfect.  Everyone had a part: Mimi played the piano, Ryan said the opening prayer, Madeline recited the 4th Article of Faith, Emma and I sang a duet, Nana and Uncle Jakob gave talks, dad performed the baptism with Papa and Grandpa Stobbe as witnesses, and Papa confirmed Emma with the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  All in all, it was a pretty special day. 

Emma, Mom, and Nana

Papa, Mimi, Dad, Ryan, Mom, Madeline, Emma, and Uncle Jakob.

I love this age!  Emma is such a light with her enthusiasm, quick mind, and kindness.  She truly stands out in a crowd.

 Her two favorite things right now are Science and Art.  She always has a project going on the kitchen table and some sort of flower/seed/rock collection in her pocket.  We are so lucky to have her in our lives.


Jessica S. said...

Congratulations Emma! Looks like a nice 8th birthday!

A.Jean said...

Love the new post. Emma, you're a special girl and how nice to share all the events of your birthday and baptism with so many family members. Have a great year.

Chelsea said...

So sweet! I love the baptism pictures! What a special day for Emma. And cute Ryan in his suit. So dapper! Miss you guys...

Jade said...

How special! What a great example she is setting for her sister, friends and cousins.

Peggy said...

Such a privilege to be a part of this important event! We love you so much Emma Claire.
Shine on!

Foote Family said...

Congrats to Emma on her baptism! I can't believe she's 8!